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Hip Replacement Surgery
in Hyderabad

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Total Hip Replacement

Total HIP Replacement surgery is commonly performed to cure progressive arthritis. Hip replacement is advisable if patient experiences:

  • Hip pain that keeps him awake at night
  • Hip Pain that limits the ability to perform day to day activities.
  • Persistent pain even after trying other payments

What is HIP Replacement?

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure that involves removing worn or damaged hip joint and replacing it with an artificial joint, called prosthesis. Prosthesis is composed of a ball and socket, made of metal, plastic or ceramic. Hip replacement relieves pain and lets the patient enjoy his day to day activities.

Who needs a HiP Replacement?

Patient should consider Hip Replacement if:

  • Arthritis limits day to day activities such as walking and bending
  • Pain is experienced even while resting
  • Stiffness in hip limits a patient’s ability to move or lift his leg

If you are experiencing any of the above problems please contact your surgeon to know the benefits of Hip replacement surgery.

Is there an alternative to Hip Replacement?

More conservative treatments include medications, injections and physical therapy. Other types of surgery can be considered depending on the nature of the joint problem. Hip Replacement will be recommended only after careful diagnosis of the joint problem.

Rapid Recovery

The goal is to restore joint function and patient activity level as quickly and safely as possible. The program includes

  • Pre-Operative Counselling
  • Thorough medical checking
  • Advanced Knee Replacement Components
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Laminar Air Flow Stainless Steel Ceiling Operation Theater
  • Advanced Pain Management
  • Progressive Physical Therapy
  • Lowered risk of dislocation, blood clots and infections
  • Postoperative accelerated rehabilitation
  • Long term follow up

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